Client: Town of Moraga

Since 2011, Seifel has provided impact fee analysis to the Town of Moraga, including a strategic review of five town-wide development impact fees (General Government, Public Safety, Storm Drainage, Traffic, and Park Development Impact Fees) and a Comprehensive Development Impact Fee update.

Seifel performed a strategic review of the technical reports and analyses used to establish and update the Town’s existing development impact fees and to determine how fees are calculated and allocated to new development. We have worked with Town Planning to review data on vacant and underutilized parcels and have prepared analyses of the Town’s population, demographic and employment trends to help forecast future growth patterns. Working closely with Town Counsel, we evaluated the applicability of the impact fee program on specific development projects. Based on evaluation of the existing impact fee program, we recommended potential changes to the program and prepared a technical memorandum summarizing findings and recommendations to Town staff and Town Council.

Seifel is currently undertaking the Town’s Comprehensive Development Impact Fee update. Working closely with Town departments, Seifel updated the Town’s detailed data on vacant and underutilized parcels and also prepared Town population, demographic and employment trends in order to anticipate future growth in Moraga through 2040. Seifel is evaluating and working with staff to refine the Town's capital improvement project lists and is recommending changes and improvements to the fees where necessary.

Seifel has also conducted research to understand how comparable communities have implemented similar impact fee programs. We will then calculate each of the Town's impact fees based on estimates of existing and new development levels and cost estimates for remaining projects and projected administrative costs of the program. These comprehensive updates will result in technical analyses for Town’s five development impact fees.